Saturday, February 13, 2010

When you really do't want to go all in

I haven't been playing that much - not like I used to but I wanted to post something about the hand I just played. I had to smile when it happened (because I have often been on the other side of this).

I am playing in a $10+1 180 person S&G at Pokerstars and getting some of the worse cards I have gotten in a while. I am usually a semi-loose fairly aggressive player but I was working on being the tightest player at the table. We were about 45 hands in and although our table had lost a couple players our table had been kept together since the start and I wasn't the only one playing tight.

Over a period of about 3 hands we lost a couple people and they were replaced with some fresh blood (I mean new players). Obviously they weren't used to such tight play because after about 4 hands one newbie complained "that this was the tightest table they had seen". I smiled.

The next hand I got dealt A10 suited. I was under the button and decided to min raise. As expected most folded but one of the short stacks pushed all-in. The guy in front of me decided to call and I, perhaps foolishly, decided to just call. The call was for just less than half my stack and since these were the best cards I had seen, I went with it.

It was clearly my hand as the flop came A10A. The guy in front of me decided it was his time to push. I smiled and called. The cards were revealed and the original all-in had pocket queens, the guy in front of me had pocket kings - they had me beat until the flop. The hand played out, I increased my stack by about 2.5 times and they broke our table up.

The last thing I saw in the chat box was the newbie saying "now that's more like it".

I smiled.


Rick said...

Can you say Bubble Boy? I went out in 19th place (top 18 paid). I was short stack and had AK. I pushed, obviously, big stack turned over QQ. Flop had a Q and that was that.

BrainMc said...

A,10 with that flop makes me think of a hand in the WSOP ME a couple of years ago. Sammy Farha had A,10 against Oliver Hudson with 10,10 and the flop came A,A,10. The poor kid went busto on the first hand of the tournament. He just stood there shell shocked.