Monday, December 05, 2011

Falling in love (with AK)

I know better but it still happens way too often.  I try to get too smart and maximize my profits (although in this case it didn't matter).

Imagine Sicily, 1934... (sorry, bad Golden Girls reference).

I was playing a ring game, NL Holdem, $0.10/$0.25 blinds.  I had been playing for a while when I was dealt AdKc behind the dealer.  2nd under the gun raises to $0.75 and I reraise to $1.50.  He was a pretty loose player and it seemed safe.  Everyone else folded.
Flop comes 3dAdKc.  He checks then calls my 1/2 pot bet ($1.67)
Turn comes 4s and I am still in love with my cards so I bet another 1/2 pot ($4.46)
River comes 2c and I am blinded by how good my cards are (or not).  I push all in for another $14.08.  You know how this is going to end - what does he have?

The obvious one I should have seen was a 5 for the straight but there is obviously a bunch of other hand (anything tripped).  Given his behavior from the start I might have seen a small pocket pair and since he was with me from the beginning, you could guess 3s.  In my defense he was a pretty loose aggressive player and as I said in the title, I was in love with my AK.

He turned over 33 and took the pot.  I wasn't busted because I had a larger stack than him but it definitely made this the worse session since I started playing again.

Just to end my night on a nice note, I played a $11 S&G (not a bounty one) and managed to finish first.  The last opponent wasn't overly happy and made some stupid comment which I have been using my $50 winnings to pleasantly forget about.


Patch said...

Not much you could do about the set. Personally, tossing in a raise from early position with pocket 3's is not a play I'm likely to make. He must be from the if-you-can-call-you-can-raise school of poker. Aside from that, he clearly wasn't all that proud of them, but refused to let go.

I probably wouldn't have played it any different than you did until the river. I've had two-hole straight combinations sneak up on me before, but the A234 is kind of hard to miss. Admittedly, it is hard to imagine him holding a 5. A5 maybe.

I would look at this as one of those situations where there's likely not much to be gained by betting the river with a hand that's six back from the nuts. Given the betting he probably doesn't have AA or KK, but that still leaves three sets and a 5 that beat you. If you have him beat, he's unlikely to call any bet. If you don't have him beat, he's holding cards he's not going to fold.

I don't think there was any way to get away from this hand, but a wee bit less aggression -- checking the river -- could have made it cheaper.

Rick said...

Oh, I know I could have played better. The point I was trying to make was that once you are in love, you are blind to everything the mere mortals see as obvious. I guess I found it rather ironic after some of our conversations.