Sunday, February 19, 2006

Deep Stacks (again)

I think I have a love/hate relationship with these deep stack tournaments. I keep telling myself I won't play them anymore after never finishing above 600th, but then the next weekend I am back there again.

The play is different in subtle ways. You still get the people who don't realise that and play like it is a normal fast paced S&G or tournament. But in general, the play is more sophisticated than that. Most players realise they are in for a long slow grind and play accordingly.

This is not a live blog of the tournament or anything, but I am using it to keep notes and comments as I go. I suspect if I published it, it would be a live blog.

2nd Hour

My relationship continues into the second hour of the tournament. I have been playing really tight and laying down anything that wasn't top notch. Of course now I get into a fight with big slick and although I was smart enough to get out of it, it still hurt a little (well more than a little). Fortunately deeper stacks mean I can survive this and keep going, but I am going the wrong way.

3rd Hour

Of course I am not blogging much - I never said I was good at live blogging. I am surviving which is not the way to play this game. I seem to trade a bad play (or suckout) for every good play I make. Blah..

As usual, I get into a fight with A10o, there was a 1 BB raise and I was on the button. I called and the flop hit my A. The short stack to my right raised 1k, so I went all-in figuring he would have done it if he was confident. Of course he was pot commited anyway and call. He had AJ and it stood up. I am down to 4 BB and all ready to go all-in on the next face or ace.

We knew this was coming. I finished in 522nd place out of 1578 when my K3 couldn't grow up and was beat by a pair of Jacks.

One of these times I will either learn, or quit wasting my time on the deep stacks tournaments.

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