Saturday, February 18, 2006

Moving day and a couple tournaments

Yesterday was moving day for me. About twice a year we move our 5th wheel trailer to a different site and yesterday was the big day. I think the anticipation is harder than the actual move, as once you get all 20,000 lbs on the road and moving, it seems to be rather anti-climatic (which is the way I like it).

So after my not that exciting day yesterday, I had planned to play my normal deep stacks tournament over at pokerstars on Saturdays. Those plans got squashed as I was invited to a late breakfast and missed the start time by an hour or so. So I wandered over to PokerRoom and looked to see what they had lined up.

They have this thing called a Royal Tournament which is a $10+1 event with $10k added in tickets to their large $1000+0 event called the Grand Tournament. There was about 2300 people signed up and it was about to start, so I figured what the heck, why not.

A deep stacks tournament this was not, and although I last almost 2 hours, I was eliminted in around 600th place. Being a beggar for punishment, I looked to see what else was available and there was nothing on the regular tournament board which interested me. I went over to the S&G tab and found what they are calling a Centurian Cup game about start.

These are basically 100 person S&Gs with a portion of the rake set aside for a weekly leaderboard type prize. I joined into a $5+0.75 game and played along.
One hour went by, then another and all of a sudden we were in the money. I like my short handed game and when we were down to 5 players, I was in 1st place and called a double all-in. It just seemed like a blink and we were down to 3 players. The second place player and I were pretty close stack size wise and he got into a fight with player 3. Unfortunately player 3 was nice enough to go all-in and seriously increase the size of my competitors stack. This stack advantage was used well by the other guy and he managed to kick me out into a 2nd place finish.

Overall it was a good game and I was happy to have made enough to pay for my last couple tournament entry fees (and then some). All in all, a good day.

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