Saturday, June 03, 2006

On the road

I am currently passing through Scipio, Utah with my wife driving up I-15. The road just turned to shit and is bumpy as hell. Very hard to type.

I am using my Verizon cellular EVDO internet card and if it wasn't for the bumps and the hard to see display in the sunshine this is quite useable. Last summer when we tried a similar road trip, the internet didn't work as well.

I don't know if this will mean any more blog updates, but it is a cool experience riding down the road, checking your email and surfing the net.

Note: Do not attempt this while driving!


mookie99 said...

Cool, my last road trip I used a Cingular Edge card and was even able to play some online poker while Mrs. Mookie did the driving :)

Slimeface said...

I love that area around I-15 in Utah. I'm making this post in Sidney, NE using the Cingular aircard. At first I had a weak signal and was able to connect to the Motel 6 WiFi. It was slow and after I rebooted I was back on the Cingular network. I love the card, I just don't know if Cingular has the best national coverage. Be Safe!

smokkee said...

Verizon EVDO RAWKS !!!!

carla said...

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