Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I knew it was going to be an interesting night...

... when I decided to play in The Mookie. I used to play 3 regular tournaments a week - the WWdN, the Mookie and of course the WWdN: Not. I got to a point where it just seemed too much (or perhaps too much poker in general was the problem), so I cut back. Over the last month or two, I have only been playing the WWdN: Not, and the occasional other game - nothing regular.

So I decided this week that since I wasn't going to play in the WWdN: Not tomorrow (I am going away for the long weekend), I would play in the Mookie instead. The first hand I was dealt I had pocket 5s. I called and the button, SB and BB all join me. The flop comes 10104 and I bet out 40 - a test as much as anything. I get two callers and one fold. The turn comes a 5! for my baby boat. It is checked to me and I bet 40 again. The button (willwonka) raises 80 to 120 and the SB (surflexus) re-raises 160 to 280. I think about it and decide to push. willwonka folds and surflexus calls. Surf shows Q10 for trips. The turn is a 3 and that is it for both surflexus and the late registration (which ends when the first person is eliminated). 2:18 minutes! Sorry about that one Surf.

Anyway, it was the start of an interesting night for me - mainly because I actually managed to get cards often enough that I never really was hurting. Oh I had dry spells, but never long enough to seriously hurt my stack.

The first break came and I was doing well - the second came and I was competing for chip lead.
When we finally broke that damn bubble, we were at about 2:30 hours in. We played for a few more rounds after that and someone suggested we chop the pot. The chop was a good deal for everyone but 1st and 2nd place, but since we were all pretty close in chips, we all agreed to chop the money and play on for the title. This is my first time I have ever chopped a pot - kinda neat actually.

I am not sure everyone was playing as serious after that, but it certainly didn't last long and we finished in less than 3 hours with yours truly in 1st place.

I do have to say that winning this is actually much more important to me that most the MTTs I play. I have a lot of respect for most the regular players, and winning something like this is worth more to me than the money in any sense. I certainly would like to thank mookie for all the effort he puts into this every week and I am sorry to see him move it to Full Tilt. I don't have an account there and am not prepared to create one at this time. I hope everyone continues to have a good time and I wish it all the success.


Don't forget, even tho I am not here tomorrow, you still need to come play the WWdN: Not The Anithri Invitational.

What: WWdN: Not The Anithri Invitational
Where: Pokerstars
When: Thursday, August 31th, 7:30PM PT
Which: Tournament: 30611882
Cost: $10+1 NLHE
Password: monkey

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mookie99 said...

Congrats on the big win last night. Great job.

Sorry to hear you won't be joining us over at Full Tilt. If you want I can transfer you money to your account there and then you could transfer me the money on Pokerstars.

Either way, I'll see you at the Not from time to time.