Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not a record, but a good turnout for us

We had 22 intrepid bloggers and readers out tonight for a good game. The game was obviously too hard for me, so I went out in 16th and joined some of the others in playing a cheap cash game.

I shoulda quit that while I was more than doubled up, but I still managed to quit ahead enough to pay for the NOT tournament.

Anyway, back to the main event, as usual it was a feisty game and those who were knocked out or just late, railbirded (is that a word?) for those still in.
I had high hopes for fellow Canuck Guin, but he managed to be the bubble boy and allow last weeks bubble boy slb159, fellow Canuck Katitude and rspr41 finish in the money. rspr41 went out next with slb159 going on to win the event. Hmm.. There seems to be a Canadian theme going here.

Kat managed to NOT win, so next week you will all have to come congratulate her for NOT winning in the WWdN: Not The Katitude Invitational!


Guin said...

Darn I lost my first attempt at posting and I didn't copy it before I sent it in!

I did have two key hands late that did not go my way that cost me the title in my mind! Losing with the AA to Kat cost me a ton of chips with her rivered two pair. Then rspr41 got caught by me with his J3 vs. A4 and the J is first card off of the deck. Either of those hands go my way and I ensure myself a spot in the cash.

I did get lucky against slb in my comeback when I rivered a Q to hit a set. slb had turned a pair of K's and he didn't even complain.

The entire final table was solid last night... no easy hands which is why it is such a good tournament.

katitude said...

Ty again for setting this up Darval - playing with bloggers is jsut too much fun!