Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Not" my night

Well that sucked. I swear I only played 5 minues (3 minutes and 21 seconds to be exact) and I managed to call an all-in with TPTK and be beaten by a straight.

Regardless, it was a great game (for everyone else) and we had a good enough showing to make it a fun game. I was really worried at the end that surflexus was going to win again. I think it is great he is doing as well as he is doing, but it is more fun to spread the wins around. (This was the real reason I donked off early - to give someone else a chance.)

Congratulations have to go to hoyazo for a great game and a nice finish, knocking out surflexus in 2nd place. Out own Waffles finished up in the last money place fighting hoyazo all the way. Well played guys.

I did manage to end the night up $23 in a 100NL ring game, so I am net positive for the night.


surflexus said...

Great tourney!!! See you next

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Thanks again Darval. I have to say though, as great as it is to win the tourney, making an arse out of Waffles with about 10 or 15 Hoyazo's had to be the highlight of my night.

SirFWALGMan said...

Hoyazo must be Japaneese for Asshole. lol. It was alot of fun.. and I love that little trash talking twerp Hoyazo.. Look at all the hands he hoyed me with, all of them were HU and he had an ace, yeah, that takes alot of balls.. lol

It was a good time. I was not going to play because it started so late, but I was still up, so wtf.. See you in the next one, and start it at 10:30EST if you can..

Rick said...

Yeah, Mr. Hoyazo got me good the night before at the Mookie. It is fun tho, once you get over the suckouts.. ;-)

I will make a new post about the starting time - I don't have a problem with 7:30 instead of 8:30 (Pacific) but the original intent was to let any left coasters fighting traffic on the way home a chance to play.