Friday, May 19, 2006

WWdN: Not times

Waffles just suggested we look at the time we start the WWdN: Not and consider starting an hour earlier. Some points pro and con:

The original WWdN:West Coast Warmup that Wil started for the west coasters was at 7:30 (Pacific) to make it easier for those who have to fight LA traffic to get home after work.

A significant partion of the players who show up are from further east and making it easier on them may help attendance.

Hmm.. Those points are both pro changing it.

So I would like to get some comments from those who will or have attended about changing the time to an hour earlier. Any west coasters who this will cause a problem for need to speak up!

1 comment:

mookie99 said...

I think an hour earlier would be great, but if you will lose a lot of the West Coasters you may not wanna change it. The rest of us degenerates will still show up.