Monday, September 25, 2006

Long time gone

Amazing how time flys when you are having fun. I have to admit that poker has been pretty far from my mind that last couple weeks - and other than trying to set a record for the most consistent first person outs, I have played little poker.

I have not received much in the way or logos for the WWdN: Not. I am not a huge fan of the "knot" image - but it does seem fairly popular. Keep sending me logo suggestions and I will post something and then let people vote in comments. At the current rate, there wouldn't be much voting.

On a completely different note, this weekend was moving weekend for me. When my wife and I came down here to Southern California 2 1/2 years ago, we brought our 5th wheel trailer with us as a place to live. With only the two of us and our dog, this is more than enough room for us and it has the benefit of allowing us to live in park (fortunately not one of those parking lot type RV places).

The downside is that the place we are living is a county park, and every 7 months we are required to leave for a week - to prove we are not permanent or something. That was this weekend and we move back in next weekend. Now that wasn't enough - oh no.. The place we stay when we take our week out is nice and close, so it is a quick move. This time however, they are having power problems and the park is generally closed to RVs. Unless you have a reservation, and then there is no power there. Well, we did have a reservation and decided it was actually cheaper to buy a generator, than pay for some of the other alternative locations.

So yesterday morning, we get on the road and moved into the new park. Get the generator going and everything seems to be chugging along happily (literally - the generator chugs along..). The next problem I discovered was Sprint doesn't have as good of EVDO coverage as Verison and my internet access was down to 10 minutes at a time (at best). So I don't think I will be playing any online games this week - including poker. Oh well, beer drinking doesn't need internet to work good.

So while drinking beer and listening to the generator for about 4 hours, the generator started to sound really funny - it seemed unable to idle consistently and when under load, it couldn't handle it at all. I headed out to the truck (the generator is in the back of the truck) and noticed gas running out of the truck bed. About this time, the generator quits and with some small investigating I find the fuel line has come off the carb. I suspect it was loose to start with, and the vibration finally released it. With a little persuasion, I get it all hooked up and look at the air filter (which is soaked with gas). I wring it out and let it dry, then put it back together and fire it up. Back in business and back to the beer and tv. After all, what else can go wrong?

Well about 9 pm, the generator starts to run rough again - I am seriously starting to doubt this plan at this point. I head out with the flashlight, expecting to find fuel all over the place again. The generator sputters to a stall, but no fuel to be found. In fact I seriously figure, that was the problem - with the leak earlier, I ran out of fuel. No problem, I have another 5 gallon container, all ready to go. Except, it is one of those new fangled spouts which for the life of me, I can't figure out. It is supposed to prevent spills, which I suspect it does, since I couldn't get it to pour anything. At this point I considered pouring without a spout at all, but given the arrangement, I figured that would make my earlier fuel leak look like nothing at all. We decided that it could wait til today, in daylight, when we could get a proper funnel and just remove the spout and pour into the funnel..

So if you are actually still reading this, I have no idea why. Thanks tho, just in case I did have anything worthwhile to say. So this will be a noisy, week for me, with only internet at work. Enjoy the MATH, WWdN, Mookie and WWdN: Not, and I will try to keep up with the events during my lunch hour at work.

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Guin said...

It is nice that a few days of poker can be enjoyable... lets hope that as a Canadian down there you will have no issues with that new law that was passed.