Thursday, September 14, 2006

To logo or not to logo, that is the question.

Mookie recently pimped our favorite tournament and he included an logo which I assume he created. It raised the question for me as to whether we should have a logo contest of some sort.
(Blogger won't let me upload the image right now)

And of course the obvious question 'Who is the woman?"

So since I really suck at creating logo type banners and such, I will make the following offer.

Send me your logos (for the WWdN: Not) and I will make a post in a couple weeks with all the received logos. Whoever has the most popular one (vote in the comments), will get a free entry into the following WWdN: Not.

You can send the logos to me (rgduff) at my favorite email place. (gmail).

See you all tonight!

1 comment:

Armando said...

I've updated the banner today...Iak had mentioned awhile back he thought it would be cool to have a banner with a hot chick tied up to go along with the Not (Knot) theme....

So there you have it...blame Iak :)