Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Time sure seems to fly when you don't pay attention and all of a sudden it has been 5 days since I wrote here. Personally I blame it on my new car which has been keeping me away from my computer. Or perhaps it was trying to get my backups off a crashed linux server which took all my time. Or it could have been my sunday home game with Jay (L0K1 on PS) and Sean. Man, this HAS been a busy couple of days.. ;-)

Anyway, we had high hopes for our WWdN: Not, or NOT WWdN, especially after we had mention last week by Wil in his post at Cardsquad. Unfortunately we had no-one show up - literally no-one. I mean we were willing to run with 5 people, two weeks in a row. Anyway, it is canceled for now (and probably forever).

On a much more upbeat note, the DADI 5: WSOP Satellite was last night and it appeared to have all the regular bloggers from the normal Tuesday WWdN tournies. I went into it with the goal of actually getting some points for the WPBT Player of the Year leaderboard. Not that I play that many of those tournies either, but it was a combination of that, and the WWdN that made me do it.

I knew I was in for an interesting (and I feared quick) night when I saw my starting table. I started on Table 2 with: StatikKling, L0K1, IlliniFan, Wil Wheaton, Up4Poker and Gilain. I figured it might be one of those TV nights where the hands all look like they were made for television.

Early on (4th hand), I had some interesting hands, with Wil and I running into each other heads up. The first one, I had KdJd and the flop came 4c Qd 8d. Wil apparently had AQ and bet out 300. I raised 500 more on a semi bluff and after thinking about it for a while, Wil says:
Wil Wheaton said, "kings?"
Wil Wheaton said, "i can't believe i'm folding AQ"
Wil Wheaton said, "long levels. big stacks. sigh."
Wil Wheaton: folds
It wasn't much later when I ended up in a 3 way (With Wil and Gilain), preflop with AKs. We take it up to T120 preflop and the flop gives me 4 to the nut flush again and I semi-bluff enough to scare them away. So far the semi-bluff with flush draws seems to work well. At this point, we are a half hour in and I am at T4250 - all is good in the world.

About 7 hands later, I end up with a AKs, flop TPTK and doubleas raises my T300 bet to 1200. I don't believe him and come over the top pushing all-in. He folds and admits:
doubleas said, "damn..hammer"

At this point the cards have been too good to be true and that has to change. I am at T5945 and in good shape.

My cards continue to be on fire and shortly before the break I bust out zagga with AA over KK which held up. This puts me just before the 1st break with just over 10k in chips.

Of course my hot run of cards can only last so long and as the cards turn cold, my stack starts to dwindle. Before it gets too fara down, I end up in another heads-up, pre-flop with Wil. I have KQs and raise to 3BB. Wil re-raises it 6BB more and I call (bad call in hindsight, but I was still thinking I was on hot cards). The flop misses me completely but I continuation bet anyway for another 500. Wil thinks and curses and lets it go. That turns out to be one of the last good hands of the game (for me).

Wil ends up going all-in a few hands later with 77 and get dominated by IlliniFan who has QQ. The QQ turns into a full house and Wil was finished.

The slide continues with me hanging on by the skin of my teeth. Just before the 3rd break, I made the mistake of going all-in (I mean I was running out of chips) with my KQo. I was up against wwonka who had pocket Aces (of course). I had slightly more chips than him, so when the flop gave me a pair of Kings and the turn gave me a set, I felt sorry for him since he did have the better hand. Welcome to poker I guess.

That suckout managed to catapult me into a chip stack where I could coast to the final table. My cards were never again as hot as they were during the 1st hour and a bit. I managed to squeak through to a 7th place finish and had a great time doing it.


mookie99 said...

Nice job !

surflexus said...

Well played last night. If you decide to give the WWdN Not tourney another try let me know. I would be glad to try and help it get more exposure. I can't make the Tuesday night ones and would love to see this succeed....surf