Friday, April 07, 2006

WWdN: Not!

Over the last couple weeks, some of us left coasters have mourned the apparently loss of our Thursday night West coast WWdN tournament. Last night we tried to do something about it.

We created the WWdN: Not! tournament. It was scheduled at the same time as Wil's tournament used to be, same password and all. Unfortunately we waited til really late before creating it - in case Wil created one, and therefor probably missed a few people who checked in looking for it.

Congrats go to Phil Logan for besting a difficult field of 5 to win the inaugural WWdN: Not! tournament.

The plan for next week is to do the same thing if we don't see an official tournament created by Wil.

If Wil has any problem with this, we will obviously change it and keep everyone up to date on the new plans.


Bloody P said...

What's the buy in??

Rick said...

Everything is the same as the normal WWdN. $10+1, password: monkey, etc..