Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One more time

I admit it, we are beggars for punishment. We are going to try one more time for a Thursday night, left coast friendly, WWdN wannabe tournament. Hopefully with the support of some more bloggers we can break our all-time high attendance record of 5 players.

What: WWdN: Not the
Where: PokerStars.
When: Thursday, April 27th, 8:30 PM PDT
Tournament: 23734651
Password: monkey
Buy-in: $10+1

Spread the word, pimp it up.


mookie99 said...

I will be sure to spread the word during the Big O tourney tonight and I will post it on my blog as well. You need to come up with a little banner so we can use that on our blogs.

Rick said...

Good plan.. Now I just need to find someone who can draw (something other than the card game).

surflexus said...

Hehe, I know a certain blogger that is an expert at just such things. I'll see if I can get you a little help on a