Thursday, July 27, 2006

NOT a great turnout, but a GREAT game

Well everyone else might not agree, but I actually like the smaller format. We only had 10 people show up to play, although a few more showed up to railbird a little. We very quickly moved on to a single table when L0K1 took out waffles in what had to be the first or second hand. I managed to hang in there for the 1st half hour, then I went on a bit of a rush (well actually a huge rush) and took out a few people.

I can't take credit for talking out slb on the bubble tho. The credit for that has to go to our next tournament's namesake, chipperdh. Slb has quite the rant going on about it, so you can check his blog for that. surflexus did a great job of fighting with me for the lead and in a great hand I managed to sucker him when I had pocket queens and he doubled me up to take the lead. Of course he may not agree it was a great hand. ;-) He didn't have a chance after that and chipperdh and I were heads up.

This left me with a dilemna. If I went out in 2nd place, I would have to name the next tournament after me and I figured people might not understand that. The only solution was to go ahead and finish in 1st so we could have the WWdN: Not The chipperdh Invitational next week. It was a little harder than that, but in the end I won my first tournament / MTT / SnG in quite a while.

Overall it was a great game, suckouts, hammer falls and all.


Astin said...

I agree, a small number makes for an interesting game. It definitely makes it more fun in the early goings, as the starting stacks are deep with blinds still low.

Congrats on the win.

chipperdh said...

Excellent work last night / this morning. I had a really good time as well in that small table game. Being a rookie blogger, I haven't quite figured out how to link names and blogs. If you want my take on everthing, i'm

Great job again.