Tuesday, July 11, 2006


They say patience is an important part of playing poker. I actually agree whole heartedly and am usually a fairly patient player.

Well tonight I wanted to make another attempt at the WSOP 150 at Pokerstars, but sat outside enjoying the cooling evening a little too long tonight and when I came in, there was no interesting tournaments starting for at least 30 minutes.

Given I didn't have the patience to wait, I found one in the regular tournament tab which was about to start. I figured I could afford it as it cost a grand total of $1.10. I like to occasionally play the cheaper tournaments because they usually have a larger field and it makes for a different game than the smaller tournies.

We are now on the 3rd break, and if I went out right now in 23rd of 773 players, I would win a grand total of $3.41 (minus my costs for a net of $2.31). That isn't what this is about tho. It is about having the patience to out last 750 other players. The break is about over, so we will see how long I last after this.

At just about the 4 hour point, I was the serious short stack and on the final table button. I had A7o and the flop came 568 rainbow and I pushed figuring high card and an outside straight draw. My caller had A5 for the baby pair and it held up. That was it for me in 10th place for a grand prize of $8.12.

Overall I was lucky to get that far - back to that patience thing I guess. I had really lousy cards for a lot of it and the crowd at this level were pretty agressive. I played real tight (lousy cards helped) and when I finally got something I usually doubled up (and needed it at that point). Eventually that luck had to give out. I'm happy enough - now only if that had of been a $10+1 instead of $1.00+0.10.

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