Thursday, July 20, 2006

We tied the record

We had a great turnout, tying our current record of 25 players. Not the kind of turnout that the other regular blogger and bloggee tournaments get, but I am happy with our little Thursday night game attendence. Congratulations have to go to shadowtwin, A'arab Zaraq and NewinNov for finishing in the money, and of course A'arab Zarab gets special recognition for Not winning. There was some mighty sucking out going on to make that final money showing, but it was very entertaining (as usual).

Once I managed to donk out in 22nd, and Guin managed to finish in 20th, we decided to go try a joint 45 SnG to continue with the challenge. Unfortunately this wasn't our night there either and we went out in 23rd and 18th respectively.

After I finished that, I went back and watched the final table of the WWdN: Not. Needless to say the railbirding and trash talking is part of what makes this so much fun. Stay tuned next week for the WWdN: Not The A'arab Zaraq Invitational.


Rick said...

Quatloos has put up a bunch of screenshots from the suckout fest last night. Check them out here.

Thanks Dave!

mowenumdown said...

Thanks for hosting.

SirFWALGMan said...

That f*er came in second, no way.. heh.

A'arab Zaraq said...

Hey. Thanks for mentioning me! I'll be at some WWdN tourneys in the future. I made my first poker post in a while at my blog,