Monday, March 06, 2006

Continuing the S&G challenge

OK, so yesterday I finished with a 1st place finish. According to my self imposed rules, I moved up to a $10+1 S&G. This started off ok, but when push came to shove, I played bubble boy and finished in 4th.

A slight setback, but there is still a long ways to go. I jumped right back in with a $5+$0.50. Now in this one, I had an interesting hand (no hand history, so this is from memory).

My stack was about 2600 at this point. I was UTG+1 with K10s. I limped and about 5 players followed. The flop came a nice K10x. I did a min bet and the short stack 2 positions after me went all-in. In his case it was about 200 more. The guy after him follows suit and goes all-in as well (this time for about 500). I was happy at this point and then the guy on the button (who has a stack about the size of mine) calls the all-in. Now this was interesting cause he just called, rather than going all-in. I read this to mean either he had forgotten he was not last to act, or he was not confident enough to risk all his money. Either way, my mind was made up and I pushed all-in. He thought for a second and called.

Now Pokerroom has this feature (which I think is cool) where they show the percentages when all the remaining players are all-in. I like this feature. In this case, it showed 76% for me to win. I don't know how many times I have seen this before and it always seems to work til the river, when the chips slide to someone else. The turn came up and I was watching the percentages (it changed to 70%). The river missed and I watched over 6000 chips slide my way.

The rest of the game went fairly quick til we hit the money. It then seemed to take longer than it should. I suspect it was because we got there faster than we usually do. Normally the blinds are higher by the time you are down to three. No problem. I used my stack to basically raise every hand (and get out of the way when these guys actually got cards). It took a little while, but eventually I got rid of both of them and finished in 1st.

I then had to move back up to the $10+1. I played this a little bad. I suspect it was not adjusting fast enough to change from a big stack, short handed game, to a small stack, 10 player table. Either way, I ended up finishing in 6th place.

So tonight, I finished like this:

1. 4th place finish
2. 1st place finish
3. 6th place finish

Total to date: -$16.00


Bloody P said...

I've found that the play at the $10 SnGs on PokerRoom are pretty much the same as the $5 SnGs. I think (for me) it's the mental aspect of jumping up a level that gets to me more than anything.

Rick said...

Congratulations! You win the prize for the first one to post to my blog! ;-)

I agree, with respect to pokerroom especially. I normally play the $10 S&Gs there, but as part of my "challenge" I decided to start at $5. Tonight I will try to make the WWdN thingy on stars, then we'll see if I want to change gears and try some more S&Gs on PR.