Saturday, March 11, 2006

Onwards and downwards again..

Got up nice and early this morning and figured I would continue my S&G challenge and see what I could do. The first game went all right, until I got busted out of course. I ended that one in 5th. The next one was a total waste (of course it only took 4 minutes) and I busted out in 10th. Then it sorta clicked (or I got a bunch of players I could beat) and finished in 1st. According to my self imposed rules, that mean my next game was at the $10+1 table. At this point, my $5+.50 games were actually break even (up $0.50). But I had lost both $10+1 games. So the next $10+1 game went just as good (bad) with a 7th place finish. I moved back to the $5+0.50 game and finished up with a 8th place finish.

Overall, I have now paid out $143 and won $105. Not going the right way after 23 games. My exit conditions are 100 games, $100 lost, or $100 won - which ever comes first.

So after those rather disappointing 3 hours, I decided to head over to Pokerstars and see what was happening there. I found a $5+0.50 MTT starting in a few minutes so I joined the fun. 1630 players. I made it through the 1st hour with better than my starting chips, but less than average stack size. I didn't make it through the second hour and finished in 468th place. The money (for what that was worth) started at 297th.

Time to leave poker for a while and go see if anything is happening in the real world.

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