Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I hate being first out!

I hate being first out! and I can honestly say that it has never happened before. I will blame it all on the format.

For the first time I tried a double shootout format satellite on Pokerstars for the (now) $1 million tournament on Sunday. The format is 8 tables of 8 players which play their table until there is one person left (no table switching). Once everyone has wiped out their table, the winners form the final table. 2 seats for the sunday tournament are up for play, and 6 $35 2nd place prizes.

It seemed like a cool idea, and I was placed in the #1 position on table 5. My cards were a cool pair of pocket Kings and I was on the button. I raise to an even $100 and the SB raises to just under $400. I thought about a big raise, but just min raised. He comes back forcing me all-in and I think for a sec about his pocket Aces and decide to call anyway. Of course he DOES have pocket aces and although I end up with both a straight and flush draw by the river, nothing happens and I get to be first out. Blah!

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