Friday, March 10, 2006

Double shootout

I tried my second double shootout today. I found it interesting compared to my first one. The last time the first hand started with KK and I managed to go all-in to find out the other guy had AA. It was a real quick game.

This time I had AK on the first hand and I got into the same situation - the "other" guy decides to go all-in and I thought about it and folded. One guy did call and I was able to see the hand. The "other" guy had AA. Good call I guess.

I managed to spend the next hour in last place. We started with 8 at our table and I managed to be last place right through to 3 players. Then for the next hour, we ground it out. I managed to move up from last to first - the hard way. These guys wouldn't call most raises, so I could continuely steal. I felt like I owned the table. Once and a while they would get cards and fight back and since I rarely had cards, I just folded. I even called with the hammer one time, flop completely missed, I bet and they folded - so I showed it. I don't think they understood what happened to them. ;-)

Unfortunately once we got heads up, and were there for a while, the other guy finally started to get smart and go all-in. Since I rarely had cards, I only called when I had a chance. Obviously not winning. I started to think he was getting carried away and called an all-in with second pair. He had top pair and it help.

I was crippled and started to grind it out again. Unfortunately the blinds were finally big enough that I had to get into the all-in type of play. It worked everytime until the last.

It was fun tho and I suspect I will do it again.

Continuing the S&G Challenge

Before the shootout, I played a couple S&Gs. I started like I did last night with a 7th place finish (it didn't take long) and then like last night, I finished 2nd in the second one.

So far, I have played 18 tournies. I have paid out $110, won $80 for a total todate of -$30.00

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