Monday, March 06, 2006

S&G Challenges

I was playing in a tournament on Sunday morning at Pokerroom and was already reading some websites at the same time (a really bad habit if I do say so). On one of the sites, someone was talking about personal S&G challenges - basically you set a goal and try to achieve it (27% ROI or double your money in less than xxx days or whatever). This led me to think about my own S&G performance.

The tournament I was playing at the time was one of those qualifier satellites where you get tickets to another satellite. I don't know why I was playing it, other than it was the next one starting when I checked at the site and poker is poker you know.. With all this thinking about S&Gs, I almost lost track of the tournament. There was about 69 people in it and the prize pool was 8 tickets and one cash prize. I managed to get to the "money" but literally got the money, going out in 9th place. Which was ok since I wasn't really in it for the tickets.

So with the tournament out of the way, I decided on the format for my personal challenge. My goal was to make $100 in less than 100 S&Gs. I also decided I would stop being foolish if I lost more than $100. I also decided I would take the following approach:

1. Start at $5+0.50 10 person S&GS
2. If I win, move up a level (ie to $10+1 S&Gs)
3. If I money, stay at the current level
4. If I lose, move down a level (with $5+0.50 being the lowest)

I had always thought I was doing pretty good with S&Gs. Generally at least breaking even, usually bubbling when I didn't make the money.

Well, let me tell you. I played 7 S&Gs before I had to deal with real world things in the afternoon. The fact I played 7 should give you a hint. I ended up playing just under 3 hours with results as follows:

1. 8th place finish
2. 9th place finish
3. 10th place finish
4. 6th place finish
5. 8th place finish
6. 7th place finish
7. 1st place finish

There is a message in this somewhere. ;-) I need to rethink my S&G strategy somewhat. Tonight I will move up to a $10+1 and see how fast I can fall back to the $5+0.50 level.

Total to date: -$13.50

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