Tuesday, March 07, 2006

If a tree falls in a forest with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound?

I have to admit, that as I get more into this blogging thing, I start to wonder what is the point if no-one is listening? I started thinking about this more yesterday when I read Wil Wheaton post "On the rise of trollblogs". For just a short time I thought about what I could post to stir it up enough to generate traffic. I then realised that generating traffic was not what it really about (for me anyway) and that I didn't care. Well, I cared, but not enough to change the reason I was writing this blog.

Continuing the blogsphere thing, I went looking to add to my rolls any interesting blogs I could find. Now I admit in some cases, they were people I knew or had worked with and in others just random blogs I happened to come across.

I did some searching for QNX, the operating system I work with every day on Technorati to see if anyone actually tagged their posts about QNX and found almost nothing. This led to some more creative searching and I found blogs from some people who I know do a lot of QNX work. The first is from CAMZ, a fellow QNX consultant, and at one time we were co-administrators of QNXZone, a website dedicated to QNX issues. The second I found was from a former co-worker of mine, ApM, who has two blogs. One is a livejournal called "c is for cookie, but that is insufficient" and the other is a more technical one called "geekstorming". ApM has an interesting sense of humor, but one you catch on to it, it makes for facinating reading. Unfortunately neither of these guys are very active in blogging, so updates are few and far between.

On a slightly different note, being a Canadian living in the south land, I like to keep up to date on some of the world issue from a Canadian perspecitve with Alec Saunders .LOG. He is an active blogger who always has something interesting to say about different issues.

So while this post is sitting draft form, Bloody P has to go ruin my 0 for 0 track record by actually reading my blog and posting a comment.


Jeremy said...

You don't have an RSS feed! How am I supposed to keep up with you? =]

I'm going to go make a post in Geekstorming, just for you.

Rick said...

Of course you can. Try http://mysusurration.blogspot.com/atom.xml and see if that works for you.