Saturday, March 04, 2006

Technorati (and Sir Waffles)

As a newbie in the world of blogging (reading or writing apparently), I discovered Technorati after it was mentioned yesterday in Wil Wheatons blog. It seemed like a pretty cool site and I followed the links and prompts and "claimed" my blog. After I did what was required, I discovered I had a rank of Rank: 1,125,742 (0 links from 0 sites). I had to laugh at that - what other choice was there? Either way, it seemed like an iteresting place to keep an eye on, and I also followed the options and added some links in the left column here, related to their site.

While exploring the blogsphere and seeing what was up, I also came across this thing called frappr? in Sir Waffles blog. Apparently there is a competition to see who can map the most of their readers. I joined in since I are one. ;-)

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