Friday, March 03, 2006

S&G sized WWdN

Obviously there was a party and some of us weren't aware of it last night. It had to be the smallest WWdN tourny since I started playing them. There was at least one interesting part. Jay (L0K1) and I play a semi-regular home game with a guy named Dave. Dave keeps forgetting when these WWdN tournaments are on and usually remembers when the game is 1/2 over or something. He emails screenshots of "interesting" plays - usually when we get busted out, etc..

Well last night he remembered in time and put in an appearance that anyone playing or watching at the time won't forget. Sir Waffles wrote about it

I also joined one of the smallest WWDN's in history. I made the final table but busted out first hand. I was bluffing against Quantloos which is a bad idea since that guy NEVER EVER NEVER FOLDS. I had not seen him play so I had no idea. He called my all in with A7o on a AKQ and maybe flush board. Oh well. Perhaps he reads my blog. I saw him make FAR WORSE calls and EVERY SINGLE TIME HE SUCKED OUT.. I mean it was crazy. It was for sure his night as he easily took first. Congrats! Everyone was a little pissed at the guy I am sure.. I found it a little amusing. It was almost like the male version of Veneno!

I do have to admit I will rethink my home game strategy with him after watching that play. My advice to Dave (Quatloos) is to go buy a lottery ticket.

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