Thursday, March 09, 2006

WPBT Player of the Year

As a newly minted poker blogger I am considering playing the events for the WPBT Player of the Year. Now there are some issues with this for me. I am not a good Omaha, stud or any of the other variations, player. I don't have an account on Full Tilt. The buy-ins are a little above my comfort level.

On the other hand, I like the comradery of playing in the twice WWdN tournies. I have even managed to money a few times in them.

So maybe if I just treat it as entertainment, go have a good time and enjoy myself it will be fun.

Sounds like a plan. Or I am just trying to convince myself.

I guess I have a couple days to decide.

On a different note, I continued to set new records in my S&G Challenge. I played 4 games at $5+0.50 and didn't manage to even make the money on one of them. I don't know if it is the fast levels, a weird mix of cards (I am getting starters, but very little completes) or what. The games from last night went like this:

1. 7th place finish.
2. 7th place finish.
3. 5th place finish.
4. 5th place finish.

Total to date: -$38.00


Bloody P said...

I feel you on the SnG front. Last night I played some 6 player micros on Titan just to relax and work on the holes in my game.

I kept getting knocked out in 3rd, which just gives you your buy back.

3 times in a row. Then I won two in a row and shut-r-down, but it was frustration. Set over set, stuff like that.

As for the WPBT stuff, I'm newly minted as well, but am going to shy away from the online stuff (except WWdN) until I can get to Vegas and meet these crazy mofos. It's too many tourneys at too high of a cost to my (slowly) growing bankroll.

biggestron said...

Hey! A fellow Canadian/Californian.
Hope to see you in the POY events!